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Clients who work with us get known by the right people –
as powerful thinkers, change agents, innovators, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, general managers and influencers.

Some of what we do:

Establish businesses and individuals as thought leaders who market their organization and idea in the most effective ways.

Jumpstart new businesses: Make small organizations and start-ups "real" and influential -- quickly.

Use experts and expertise to position companies, products, ideas and offerings.

Help senior leaders manage tough issues and avert crises.

Practice "publicity plus": Deploy the right media, social and influencer channels to endorse and promote businesses, ideas and individuals.

Create news when a business or individual needs it.

Help companies enlarge, manage and control their online footprint.

Change incorrect perceptions.

Work with companies and organizations to expand and mobilize their constituent and stakeholder groups.

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  • Boston
    One Broadway, 14th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    P: 617.939.9094
  • New York
    55 Broad Street, 20th Floor
    New York, NY 10004
    P: 212.255.8386