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We don't believe in PR and visibility for their own sake. We work hard to develop and execute communications programs that create the impact our clients need. 


Working with Sommerfield…



An innovative management consulting firm took ownership of the concept of the “Informal Organization” and won significant media recognition and traction for their idea, including a major feature in Fortune, a book deal and a highly regarded practice area and institute.

One of the biggest subprime mortgage servicers has avoided pot shots and won important government, consumer and Wall Street allies by educating the marketplace on why no one wins in a foreclosure, and by understanding that the emotional dimension of an issue usually trumps data and facts.

An upstart student loan company enhanced its reputation and was able to navigate a turbulent environment by positioning itself as an advocate for parents and smart education finance practices. The program involved one of the first major surveys of parents on paying for college.

A renowned strategy consulting firm became the leading expert on the consumer economy via an integrated, multi-year program involving five books, multiple reports, in-depth research, newsworthy public opinion research and robust video and Twitter campaigns.

Three business strategy thought leaders quickly became go-to experts and commentators on the next era of global competition. The phenomenon they identified and named – globality – is now frequently referenced. The program involved book publicity, a viral web outreach program, TV appearances, a direct-to-influencer campaign and an ongoing series of op ed and byline article placements.

A number of asset management/hedge fund players quickly established marketplace credibility and significant, high-end visibility not by promoting products or performance, but by leveraging their smarts and insights on emerging markets, e.g., India and Latin America.

A leading investment advisor to foundations and endowments quickly reversed their low media profile to become one of the most visible and publicly sought-after experts by sharing data and industry insights. The carefully orchestrated visibility continues to help the firm expand globally.

A relatively new African non-profit is quickly advancing its iconoclastic economic development concept via a coordinated global media campaign based on academic-quality thought leadership.

A major non-profit was able to turn candid but difficult survey feedback on its work into a positive -- a rallying point for new emphasis on the mission.

A professional services firm in the private equity space initiated executive survey research to immediately establish expertise in untapped business areas.

An advertising executive and upstart agency used a book, viral video and a multi-channel blitz to quickly emerge as the voice of storytelling as a business and marketing lever.

A major global consulting firm codified its key advantage and selling point through the intelligent weaving together of thought leadership output across practices with a compelling umbrella theme and message.

A major accounting firm realized palpable ROI by deploying multi-level thought leadership programs via virtually all techniques and channels -- videos, news-making surveys, social media, blogger campaigns and byline articles and white papers.

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